(Lockscreen Notifications – SaberMod Toolchain GCC 4.8 + JustArchi’s Optimisations)

Nouvelle build de SlimKat en 4.4.4 (KTU84Q) !

Compilation avec la dernière toolchain SaberMod (gcc 4.8) + JustArchi’s ArchiDroid Optimizations V3

Ajouts / Modifications :

  • Lockscreen notifications ( et
  • Ajout des animations système AOKP
  • Barre de batterie
  • Apollo (en remplacement de Music)
  • Inclusion de KernelTweaker dans les paramètres.
  • Signal réseau sur 6 barres (Options -> Interface -> Barre de notification)
  • Suppression de SlimCenter, DashClock, et des live wallpapers suivants : HoloSpiralWallpaper, NoiseField, Galaxy4, LiveWallpapersPicker, PhaseBeam

Full wipe conseillé si vous venez d’une autre rom.

Téléchargements :

Slim Gapps :

Autres Gapps conseillées :

English readers :

New build of 4.4.4 SlimKat (KTU84Q) !

Compilation with the latest Sabermod toolchain (gcc 4.8) + JustArchi’s ArchiDroid Optimizations V3

Added/ Modified :

  • Lockscreen notifications ( et
  • AOKP system animations
  • Battery bar
  • Apollo (instead of Music app)
  • KernelTweaker in Settings
  • 6-bar signal icon style (Settings-> Interface -> Status bar)
  • Deleted SlimCenter, DashClock, and these live wallpapers : HoloSpiralWallpaper, NoiseField, Galaxy4, LiveWallpapersPicker, PhaseBeam

Full wipe recommended if you come from another rom.

Downloads :

Slim Gapps :

Other recommanded Gapps :

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9 comments on “ (Lockscreen Notifications – SaberMod Toolchain GCC 4.8 + JustArchi’s Optimisations)
  1. Clementino dit :

    I would like to make the same rom changes you did to liquid smooth but for optimus G device.
    I would like to remove slimcenter,slimfilemanager, music, torch and dspManager

    I would then like to add CMTorch, and CMFileManager. If you could guide to to how you did it I would be very grateful.
    this is my current local_manifest.xml

    • Minux dit :


      First you have to add apps projects in you local manifest.

      Then look at this commit to add apps in your build :

      And this one to remove :

      Good luck !

  2. Clementino dit :

    for some reason I cant read any code you are posting? I only see the sentences you wrote but no actual code or links :/

    Could we talk on google plus?

  3. Minux dit :

    Sorry i’m tired today, corrected too 😉

    • Clementino dit :

      Thank you very much for the instructions. I can kind of see now how the process works. I will try it now. I will come back if I have more questions.

  4. Clementino dit :

    I was able to add and remove apps as I wanted, thanks again!

    Now I would like to add kernel tweaker and Viper4Android but in the Android settings menu. I can’t tell how you did it by looking at your github, Some tutorials online are on windows but i have ubuntu. Can you guide me on that one as well.
    Btw I am able to get both kernel tweaker and Viper4Android working as apps already, i just want to have them under android settings menu.

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